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Deploying Nutrition to Humanity

Treasure8 is a San Francisco-based food innovation and technology company on a mission to solve the nutritional challenges and environmental stresses of a growing global population. The Treasure8 team develops, produces and deploys game-changing, delicious food ingredients, processes and products that are healthier for people and the planet. We also create engaging consumer experiences that encourage better food choices.

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Food Safety & Crop Disease Protection

i-Cultiver is a technology-transfer company, integrating advanced scientific methods for applications in agricultural and food systems to increase productivity, nutrition and food safety.

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Addressing Global Food Security With Innovative Technological Solutions

ISABEL is a group of hydroponic experts, software engineers, designers, manufacturers and innovation consultants with a combined 30+ years of experience in controlled environment agriculture & technology.

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Development & Distribution for Sustainable Agriculture

Growing Solutions (GSI) has developed and distributed products related to sustainable agriculture, turf management and municipal parks for over 20 years. Our Compost Tea technology and microbial formulas have been deployed and used in over 47 countries to enhance soil biology, reduce input costs, conserve water usage, and produce crops without environmental harm.

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